Practice your SQL knowledge by writing queries on a database of Tesla data.

Source: Tesla

The Database

Open the database of Tesla data in a new tab here. The database is stored in DB Fiddle, a DBMS simulator that allows us to practice writing SQL queries without purchasing or downloading software.

The database is a relational database because the data is structured in data tables. There are four data tables in the database as described here:

  1. Factories data table: list of factories that Tesla owns
  2. Executives: information on Tesla’s executive team
  3. Financials: revenue and…

How to learn SQL in 10 days

  1. Learn the basics of databases
  2. Learn and practice the SELECT command
  3. ORDER BY command
  4. WHERE command
  5. AND, OR, NOT commands
  6. COUNT, SUM, and AVG functions
  8. Creating data tables
  9. Inserting data into tables
  10. Practice using real-world practice sets

Can I actually learn SQL in 10 days?

SQL is a programming language for databases and it would take months and year of experience to master SQL. Luckily, business professionals only need to know a small fraction of the language to be proficient in it.

Business professionals only need to know how to retrieve data from a database. …

The Database

The data we will use is one data table that contains a list of the top 1000 rated movies of all time. The data contains 22 columns of data about each movie like the movie’s title, year released, duration, actors, budget, and review data.

View the data table in the form of a Google Sheet in a new tab here. Notice how the data table has 1,000 rows and 22 columns of data. This is a simple database because it only has one data table — remember that relational databases can have hundreds of tables.


To analyze the database using…

Image source: Gregory Shamus

The Dataset

The data in this case study is sourced from the PGA Tour website and has been converted into a database which you can open here. The data is from the 2020 tour season and contains individual player data on 199 of golf’s best players.

The database is two data tables which are described below:

Drives Table

Computer science really isn’t that scary.

Computer science is easy to learn for business students. When you think of computer science, you probably think of the hundred different program languages, front-end and back-end development, and machine learning. In reality, computer science is nothing more than communicating with computers using English.

The best part? Business students only need to learn the basics on a language because you will never need to use advanced programming skills in a business career. If you master the basics, it will boost your business skills greatly.


Learn beginner SQL commands using fantasy football data.

Titans RB Derrick Henry (Source USA Today)

The goal of this case study is practice SQL commands — not to find out the actual answers to the questions. When we ask “who led the NFL in touchdowns?”, we know we could easily Google the answer. The goal is to find answers using SQL.

Open the database

Get started by opening the fantasy football database here. The database is hosted in DB Fiddle, a DBMS simulator, that replicates what an actual database would look like. …

Citi bikes parked a bike station in New York City.

The Dataset

Millions of New Yorkers rely on the city’s bike ride sharing program, Citi Bikes. The city has thousands of bikes that can be rented from one of several hundred dock stations pictured above.

The bikes are unlocked electronically so the data from each ride is logged and stored in a database that is shared with the public monthly. Since the data is public, we can access the data for every Citi Bike ride since 2013 here.

Tens of millions of rides are completed annually so Python is the perfect program language to analyze this data. …

Computer Science for Business Program

The best way for business students to learn to code.

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