How business professionals can learn SQL in 10 days

How to learn SQL in 10 days

  1. Learn the basics of databases
  2. Learn and practice the SELECT command
  3. ORDER BY command
  4. WHERE command
  5. AND, OR, NOT commands
  6. COUNT, SUM, and AVG functions
  8. Creating data tables
  9. Inserting data into tables
  10. Practice using real-world practice sets

Can I actually learn SQL in 10 days?

SQL is a programming language for databases and it would take months and year of experience to master SQL. Luckily, business professionals only need to know a small fraction of the language to be proficient in it.

Business professionals only need to know how to retrieve data from a database. Database developers, the engineers who set up and manage databases, are the ones who need to know SQL from the inside out.

SQL is one of the easiest programming languages to learn for business professionals because there is a limited amount of things to learn. Other programming languages that business professionals use like Python and VBA take months, if not years, of constant practice to master.

Getting Started

To start learning SQL, check out our Computer Science for Business Program that teaches SQL, Python, and VBA specifically catered to business professionals.

The best way for business students to learn to code.

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